Will Matthew McConaughey be filming in Detroit next year?


According to the Detroit Free Press, Matthew McConaughey’s next film could be filmed in Detroit.

The paper is reporting the “White Boy Rick” movie – in which McConaughey is epxected to play the father of Richard Wershe Jr., “the real-life Detroiter who’s serving a controversial life sentence for a drug crime” – will begin filming in March in Michigan and “other states.”

“Every indication is McConaughey’s on board and everybody is thrilled to have him,” said attorney/insider Michael Weiss, who thinks the film will be draw attention to what he calls the “great injustice” of Wershe’s sentence.

As DFP explains, “The Wershe saga is a long, complex one that has been chronicled for decades by the news media. It goes all the way back to Detroit in the 1980s, when drug empires were fueled by the crack plague. Wershe was sentenced to life without parole after being found guilty by a jury in Wayne County of possession with intent to deliver more than 650 grams of cocaine. But subsequent changes to drug laws gave Wershe the possibility of parole. In September 2015, Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway ordered him to be resentenced, a decision she based on case law regarding juveniles and changes in the penalties for drug crimes.  Hathaway’s decision was reversed that same month by the Michigan Court of Appeals after the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office appealed. In June 2016, the Michigan Supreme Court denied Wershe’s appeal to review the case. Then in August 2016, in yet another twist, the Free Press reported that Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy will review her office’s stand on Wershe’s case.”

Source: Detroit Free Press


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