That time James Van Der Beek and Melissa McBride kissed on ‘Dawson’s Creek’


Thanks to Pop TV I’ve been re-watching Dawson’s Creek and, even though I’ve already seen the entire series 10 times, I always seem to find something new in each viewing.

This week, as I was watching season one, episode 9, entitled Road Trip, I kept rewinding one scene in particular, where Dawson meets a woman in a bar. I kept thinking that I knew who that actress was when, all of a sudden, it dawned on me: Holy Shit, It’s Carol!

Dawson’s love interest in the episode was played by none other than a younger, thick-maned Melissa McBride, who is better known to Walking Dead fans as Carol.

In the episode, Jen’s ex, Billy, brings Dawson and Pacey to a dive bar in Providence to hit on girls. This is where Dawson meets Nina (aka Melissa McBride) who suggests they go back to her place but Dawson turns her down because he’s not over Jen. That doesn’t deter Nina who tells him to call her if Jen “doesn’t come to her senses.”


Yeah, as I’m typing this I’m also wondering what I see in this show but I still love it, and I’d still run away with Joshua Jackson in a heartbeat.

This was definitely my favorite pop culture moment of the week, what was yours? Let us know in the comments below!


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