The Ultimate Movie Buff Vacation Destinations


Everybody loves heading to the movies to escape daily life for a few hours, but what about actually escaping into a movie? No, I don’t mean moving to Los Angeles. Movies are filmed at idyllic locations around the world. So pack your bags, book a flight, and head to these vacation destinations that have been featured on the big screen.

Paris, France

Who wouldn’t want to take a trip to the city of lights? An abundance of movies have been filmed in this beautiful city from Midnight in Paris to Ocean’s Twelve, but none made the city look as desirable as Amélie. The movie takes place in Montmartre, the artist’s district of Paris. If you find yourself in the part of town, be sure to visit the Sacre-Coeur, the Café Les Deux Moulins, and the Montmartre Carousel, all of which are featured in the movie.

New Zealand

If you have ever found yourself longing to visit the Shire, all you need to do is hop on a plane to New Zealand. The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit movies were all filmed at various locations in New Zealand. You can view an online guide to all the scenic filming locations here, and yes, you can visit Mount Doom. They also offer guided tours that will lead you around these locations and maybe even provide a few fun surprises.


It is hard to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and not wish you were on that tropical beach with Jack Sparrow. Even though you can’t magically make Johnny Depp appear, you can vacation on those beautiful beaches by visiting the Caribbean island of Dominica. Go for a dive and see the coral reefs, hike through the rainforest, or just relax on the beach. Most people only make it here for their Honeymoons, but no matter what you choose to do, you can relax knowing that no cursed pirates will be looking for you… probably.

Fort William, Scotland

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you have probably read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies. There are many iconic filming locations across England, however, the most magical spot can be found in Fort William, Scotland. Hop on the Jacobite steam train and take a ride through the picturesque countryside used when filming Harry’s annual ride to school. You will feel like you are headed to Hogwarts yourself!

Chicago, Illinois

The windy city is a great place to vacation with its landmarks, music, and fantastic food. In fact, a number of movies have used Chicago as their backdrop. Relive the days of prohibition when following the filming tour of The Untouchables. Start off at Brody’s and end your day at the Chicago Board of Trade. Or you can take the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off tour. Check out the Sears Tower, Wrigley Field, the Art Institute of Chicago, and end your day singing on a parade float.


  1. Great content! As someone who travel ls regular both Domestic and Internationally all locations outlined here are rich in culture and great places to visit. You forgot one though. Jamaica people forget a lot about Jamaica because of the cost to go there. I scene this site you should check it out I’m interested to see what you post when you get home!


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