Hey ‘Harry Potter’ fans, an adults-only ‘PotterParty’ is coming to a town near you


If you’re into Harry Potter and day drinking (and who isn’t?), you need to pick up tickets for the PotterParty nearest you ASAP.

According to the PotterCon Facebook page, PotterParty events bring together “adult fans to wave their wands, slur their spells and manage mischief while celebrating the Boy Who Lived and his magical world.”

The 21 + parties include a live onstage sorting ceremony, costume contest, trivia, curated merch, and more.

The next wave of PotterParties are coming up this summer in the following cities:

Madison, June 4
Chicago, June 3
San Diego, June 17
Anaheim, June 24
Las Vegas, June 25

You can find out more about the PotterParties on Facebook.

If you’re in Chicago don’t miss the “Early owl” pre-sale tickets which go on sale at LiveNation.com at 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 20, they’re sure to go faster than a Firebolt!


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