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As you have probably already noticed in our Daily Filming posts, Atlanta, Georgia, is a recurring location for TV shows and movies. To be more precise, there are currently 43 productions being filmed in Atlanta.

The number has been increasing since 2008, when Georgia started a policy of 20% tax credits to productions with at least a $500,000 production budget; this percentage can go as high as 30 if producers show the Georgia logo at the end of the credits.

So it is safe to say that anyone walking around Atlanta might stumble upon either a current or former location. If, however, you prefer to actively go to one of these locations, here are some good news: there are tours dedicated exclusively to that!

Atlanta Movie Tours offers a wide range of different tours: from “Zombie Walking”, for fans of The Walking Dead, to “Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind Tour”, there are options for any film aficionado.

For those who prefer a more comprehensive tour, there is the “Best of Atlanta” option, which takes visitors to more recent locations during the three-hour ride.

For more information on each tour and to purchase tickets, visit

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