‘The Sinner’, starring Jessica Biel, filming in upstate New York

Today, Jessica Biel’s new USA series, The Sinner, is filming upstate, in Haverstraw, NY, near 25 Fairmount Ave.

The show is primarily being filmed in, and takes place in, upstate New York. In addition to Haverstraw, The Sinner has also filmed in Congers, and is expected to film in more locales north of NYC throughout the summer.

The Sinner, which based on the novel of the same name by Petra Hammesfahr, stars Biel as Cora, a young mother who commits murder, but can’t remember why. This is a major departure form the last series Biel starred in, 7th Heaven but, while reading the book, she was instantly drawn to this character and the opportunity to do something different, as she told Variety.

“When I read the book, every step of the way for me was a shock and I feel like nothing can shock me anymore. I’ve seen it all. We all have seen it all in a sense, but every time there was a surprise (in the book) it was a genuine surprise for me. That felt incredibly rare. I wanted to play (Cora) and be little nuts.”

Christopher Abbott and Bill Pullman also star in the series and, for Pullman, the upstate New York setting is familiar territory, as he explained at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“I come from a small town in upstate New York and this (show takes place) in a small town in upstate New York. When a huge trauma lands in the middle of a small community, there are a lot of reasons to get ‘this’ over with and not to draw attention to ourselves (as a small community). Not ask why. Let it go away. I thought – that’s what I remember happens in small towns. And it happens to all of us. That’s what attracted me.”

In addition to the locations used in upstate New York, The Sinner will also intermittently shoot around NYC. According to a recent casting call, the series will be filming in Staten Island on 6/7 and, might be back at the same location in Haverstraw tomorrow.

The show’s eight episode run begins on Aug. 2. If you spot The Sinner filming in New York this summer, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I just started this on a whim. And right away recognized the background. I’m from congers and we’ve been trying to figure out what show or movie it was that had been causing so much traffic in our area. It better be good lol because it was quite a nuisance dealing with the filming lol I do however love that my very small town is in this. #congers #rocklandcounty

  2. Love the show. I have to believe that whoever designed the graphics for the beginning, has got to be the same people who did the opening graphics for Medium. Pretty much the same. Can’t wait to see the last episode. I think we have it figured out, but we shall see! Great job, Jessica!

  3. I loved it…I’m not much for committing to watching anything but looked forward to seeing this every Wednesday. Hoping they do some more suspense movies like this around our area..HAVERSTRAW…They showed Broadway and Division when they shot the guy and also showed Main Street…once again loved it..

  4. I absolutely loved this series! I watched it in 1 day. I couldn’t stop! I was sad it was over..lol. Also I loved ALL the characters. Great job & hope to see more just like it!

  5. Started watching the movie. Many shots from Owego NY. The court house setting where she was ask for proof of birth .
    Blue house on East main St. By brink pond.
    Historical houses on East Front St. I’m certain one or two scenes were shot in one of the historical houses.

    Aerial shot of Owego.

  6. Absolutely many ariel shots were taken of the town Owego, New York. The first Owego shot was taken from Cemetery Hill. The Susquehanna River, Court House, and downtown buildings near the bridge are clearly seen in this first photo.


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