New Paramount project to be filmed in Marin County, CA

An “unannounced” Paramount project is making headlines in Marin County, CA. Local film industry spokespeople have informed that the studio has been looking for locations for the past three months in Bolinas, Inverness or Point Reyes, before settling in Peacock Gap, where they are building a set.

Even though not much information about the “Untitled Paramount Project” has been released yet, there is speculation that it will be an action film. As some readers pointed out, it may be the spin-off for Transformers, which we had anticipated it would start filming in the summer.

According to Deborah Albre, Marin film liaison for the California Film Commission, “they wanted something where they could have space for a 20-foot-high character”, which could confirm the theory of being related to the Transformers film.

Preparation for shooting this new project was expected to start last Monday, June 19. One of our readers also spotted a Paramount Studios Passenger Cargo Van with a “Brighton Falls” (the movie’s working title) sign it at Vintage Grocers in Malibu, CA today.

An unrelated Paramount project also currently being filmed in the area is Season 2 of Netflix’ 13 Reasons Why (Marin, Vallejo and other parts of the Bay Area).

If you spot the Paramount project or 13 Reasons Why filming, let us know at!

Source: The Mercury News

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