Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks about his family, and his farm, at Walker Stalker Con

In between signing autographs and taking photos with fans, Jeffery Dean Morgan participated in a Q&A sessions with fans at Walker Stalker Con NJ.

JDM, who is notorious for keeping his private life private, frequently talked about his farm in Rhinebeck, NY, his wife Hilarie Burton, their son Gus, and the baby girl they are expecting soon, throughout the panel, giving rare insight into their family life.

During one funny moment, a fan told Jeff that the one flaw the internet came up with for him was the fact that he had no butt, and Jeffrey admitted his son would agree.

“I was born one of those dudes that goes from my neck to my ankles…my kid even makes fun of lack my butt, ‘you just got a crack’, thanks buddy.”

As he walked out on stage he also told the crowd, “I left my donkey to be here and my kid and my super pregnant wife…everybody was crying this morning except for me. I was fine, I’m like, I’m out of here,” he quipped.

He briefly spoke about how he accidentally broke the news that he and Hilarie were having a girl. “I’ve got a little girl coming, I blew that at another convention, I was delirious…and I said I was having a baby girl and I immediately had to text my wife and say I suck,” he told the fans who erupted into a roar of laughter.

He also admitted that he is so close to his Walking Dead co-star Norman Reedus that Hilarie jokingly calls Norman her sister wife. He even recorded a video for Norman during the Q&A as he explained that if he’s talking to Norman on the phone, Hilarie will ask, “are you talking to my sister wife?”

Jeffrey’s devotion to his family could be seen yesterday on Twitter, where he wrote a scathing Tweet to Amazon customer service when he realized one of his son’s presents might not make it in time for Christmas. Luckily, Amazon was able to resolve the issue and Santa was saved!

Check out the full panel below:


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