The Most Travel-Inspiring TV Show of 2017 is ‘Master of None’

We all knew the second season of Aziz Ansari’s critically acclaimed Netflix series Master of None would be good, but most fans were surprised by the show’s change of scenery. The first couple of episodes of the second season were filmed in the Modena, Italy, located in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

This quaint city was the perfect location for the culinary-centric first episodes, in which Dev (Ansari) is deep-diving into the art of making pasta. The city is not only home to the world-renown cooking school, Scuola di Cucina Girasole, and Osteria Francescana which has been named the second best restaurant in the world.

Of course, Dev does pay a visit to Osteria Francescana, this is the exclusive place that Arnold gets him into, despite the month-long wait list. Among the other notable Modena eateries showcased in Master of None is Cafe Menomoka, Bar Schiavoni (where Dev and Arnold share sausage sandwiches) and Hosteria Giusti, where Dev has a delicious solo birthday lunch.

Dev also checks out the Tuscan town of Pienza while in Italy and tries the regional pecorino cheese. He also indulges in wine at Montepulciano, after all, is there any better way to enjoy the Italian countryside than by splurging on cheese and wine!

Watching Dev tour Italy made us want to hop on the next flight to Modena! What TV show made you want to travel? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Additional Info. Via: Movie Pilot/Netflix


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