Must see ‘Dawson’s Creek’ filming locations in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC continues to be a major destination for television productions but, for those of us who loved and miss Dawson’s Creek, it will always be Capeside. This is where we first met Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jen, and it’s where they will live (if only in our hearts) forever. Here are a few Dawson’s Creek locations all fans should check out if they’re passing through town:


Fans of Dawson’s Creek will immediately recognize Wilmington’s Riverwalk as it was used in many episodes of the series (as well as other Wilmington-shot series, like One Tree Hill).

And, as you walk along the Riverwalk, look out for Elijah’s, which was Pacey’s restaurant (The Ice House) in the D.C. finale. Elijah’s is also a great spot for seafood, even if you’re not a die hard D.C. fan.

Wrightsville Beach 

Fans who visit the beautiful Wrightsville Beach area will surely be able to picture the four main cast members frolicking on that same beach in the show’s opening credits – just watch out for the earworm – you won’t be able to get “I Don’t Wanna Wait” out of your head for the rest of the day. Also, in Wrightsville Beach is the Dockside Restaurant which appeared as The Ice House (when the camera was facing the water) in the show’s early seasons. Luckily, unlike this version of The Ice House, the Dockside wasn’t burned down by Joey’s deadbeat dad.

Alderman Hall at UNCW (Capeside High)

Alderman Hall on the UNC Wilmington campus was used so frequently on Dawson’s Creek, as it was the real-life exterior of Capeside High School, that during the first couple of season’s of the show crews would be on campus at least twice a month. Today there is a plaque on a bench at the front of the building commemorating the university’s time on Dawson’s Creek.


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