Attend a taping of ’13 Reasons Why: Beyond The Reasons’

If you are a fan of the Netflix hit-show 13 Reasons Why and live in the L.A. area, you will have the chance to attend an advance screening of the upcoming season, as well as a taping of a panel discussion with the cast members.

The event, called Beyond The Reasons, will take place on Friday (March 30), Saturday (March 31), and Wednesday (April 4) in Los Angeles. Anyone that registers must attend all three dates and be at least 18 years old.

As a compensation for attending the screening and the panel discussion on all three days, every attendee will be paid $65.00.

You can request tickets to Beyond The Reasons at the 1iota website. Please note that you cannot apply for March 31 and April 4 at first. You can only obtain tickets to March 30 and, after attending it, you will be given tickets to the other dates.

13 Reasons Why is based on the novel by Jay Asher and it follows the story of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and the reasons that led her to commit suicide. All episodes take place after her death, so the viewers get to know what happened through cassette tapes and many flashbacks. The show’s first season was very controversial, especially for showing explicitly the scene of Hannah’s  suicide.

Filming has wrapped for season 2 but no release date has been announced yet. However, considering that Netflix is already taping these specials, it is safe to say it will be released soon.

Source: 1iota

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