Season 3 of ‘Stranger Things’ starts filming

Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things has officially begun production for its third season this month. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven (or Jane, as the character is now called) posted a photo on her Instagram account with producer Shawn Levy and a caption that reads “and so it begins”.

and so it begins ???? #strangerthingsseason3

Uma publicação compartilhada por Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebobbybrown) em 21 de Abr, 2018 às 4:52 PDT

A video has also been released by Netflix, with the cast and creative team getting ready for the first table read.

While production is underway, it is unclear when the new season will actually be released. There is some speculation that it might be either late 2018 or early 2019, but David Harbour told Variety that it might be later than expected.

The this season will take place a year after the previous one, keeping up with the real ages of the cast. This will bring the show to 1985, so many references to the culture from that year should appear in the show.

The Duffer Brothers, creators of the show, had previously said that it could end after season four, but that is still undecided.

Filming should last a while and calls for extras will likely happen at some point in the upcoming months.

Sources:PopBuzz, TV Guide

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