Mark Wahlberg’s next movie is looking for extras in Boston

Boston Casting is holding an Open Casting Call for extras this weekend for an upcoming movie starring Mark Wahlberg. According to the flier, they are looking for Blue Collar Workers, Construction Workers, Fisherman, and more.

Though the advertisement doesn’t specify which film the casting call is for, it is most likely for Wonderland. According to Deadline, “the first film [in a new series of Netflix films based on the Spenser novels] will be an adaptation of Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland, one of the eight Spenser mystery novels written by Ace Atkins, who took over the series after Parker died in 2010. The movie will differ from the novel, in that it begins with Spenser emerging from a prison stretch, stripped of his private investigator license. Here, he gets pulled back into the underbelly of the Boston crime world when he uncovers the truth about a sensational murder and the twisted conspiracy behind it.” Wahlberg is set to produce and star in the movie.

The Open Casting Call wil be held at Boston Casting’s offices on Saturday, August 4th at 10:00 AM.



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