Visit the deli from “When Harry Met Sally” in New York

If you are planning to visit New York and like to go to places featured in movies, Katz’ Delicatessen is a perfect option. It has been the location of many movies/TV shows, but it is most famous for the scene with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal from When Harry Met Sally:

Founded in 1888, Katz is bigger than the scene shows and it can get very crowded. The line forms outside the diner, which can be tough during the winter. When you walk win, you can choose between (i) going straight to the counter or (ii) wait to be seated and have a waiter come to your table. Since there are too many people, you end up sharing tables with another group.

The place is filled with pictures of celebrities that have eaten there, from Leonardo DiCaprio to President Bill Clinton. It also has a sign pointing to the table where the scene from When Harry Met Sally was shot. The dinner also appeared in Across the Universe, Enchanted, Donnie Basco, among others.

The menu has a lot of options, but they are famous for the pastrami sandwiches. A warning: they are big! It’s perfectly possible to share or to take home the leftovers. One of the sandwiches has the following description: “feeds 3 tourists or 1 regular costumer”.

Another famous option is the Cheesesteak, which “would make Rocky leave Philadelphia”.

Address: 205 East Houston Street (corner of Ludlow St)

Pro tip: they have a cash-only policy at the booth near the entrance/exit of the restaurant. If you want to use a credit card, you will need to go to the back of the store (a waiter can help you with that).

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