Visit the diner from ‘Seinfeld’ in New York City

Last July 5th marked 30 years since the first episode of Seinfeld aired on NBC. If you have ever seen any episode of the show, chances are the characters were eating at a diner and talking.

With a neon sign that reads only “restaurant” in the show, the diner is actually called “Tom’s Restaurant” and it’s located on Broadway at 112th Street near Columbia University.

Fans of the show usually go there expecting to see something similar to what was depicted in the series. However, the interior is completely different and has no resemblance to the show’s diner.

There are photos of the show’s characters inside the restaurant, but that’s pretty much it. The outside might be more interesting if you would like just to take photos of the location. If you do want to have a meal, their menu has a lot of options but might be a bit overpriced.

Pro tip: They have a cash-only policy, but there’s an ATM near the cashier in case you don’t have cash on you.

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