Visit the New Harry Potter Store in NYC

Harry Potter fans have a new spot to visit in New York City! The flagship store dedicated to the Wizarding World opened its doors on June 3rd at 935 Broadway (behind the iconic Flatiron building).

With 2 floors spread out over 21,000 square feet, the Harry Potter Store has all the elements to please fans of the books and of the movies. However, as expected, visitors will need to plan ahead due to a huge number of guests wanting to go to the store every day.

In order to avoid big lines around the block, the store set up a virtual queue. The best tip is to go to the store early in the morning and scan the QR Code to secure your place in line. The QR code is placed outside the main door at 7am. A page will pop up on your phone where you can monitor how many people are still ahead of you, as well as the estimated time of entry.

Once you get the notification on your phone that it’s your turn, you’ll have one hour to approach the store to get in.

A map of the store is distributed at the entrance and in it guests can see where the “Enchanted Keys” are located. These “Keys” are placed next to authentic props used by characters in the Harry Potter films. There are QR codes next to the description of each prop and, once scanned, a letter will show up in the Harry Potter Fan Club App. The idea is to find the nine letters throughout the store and discover the secret word. If you get it right, you can claim a prize from the cash desk (a badge).

Besides that game, the store has plenty to keep Harry Potter fans entertained. There is a huge section for wands alone, for example. There is also a section dedicated to items for each of the Hogwarts Houses.

On the lower level, guests can personalize their items purchased at the “Things That Must Be Named” section. Right across from it, there is an area called “Minalima,” with exclusive illustrations used in the films.

There is also a section where guests can buy Butterbeer and take the mug home.

It should take guests around an hour to visit the whole store. A new VR experience will open in July as well.

You can find more information about the store on its official website.


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