Thursday, August 12 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for Aug. 12, 2021:

Filming in California

TV Series: The Dropout
Location: North Spring St, Alpine St – W College St, Los Angeles (until Aug. 13th)

TV Series: American’s Got Talent
Location: 639 S Spring St., Los Angeles

Project: Speedwell
Location: 528 S Plymouth Blvd.; 506 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles (until Aug. 13th)

TV Series: American Crime Story
Location: 501 S Spring St.; 433 S Main St., Los Angeles (until Aug. 12th)

TV Series: Bling Empire
Location: 460 S Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles (until Aug. 13th)

Movie: The Fabelmans
Location: 743 S Lucerne Blvd, Los Angeles (until Aug. 11th)

Filming in New York

TV Series: And Just Like That
Location: Riverside Drive and 122nd St., New York (until Aug. 13th)
Credit: @jeffsantilli

TV Series: Gossip Girl
Location: Water Street, between Dock & New Dock St., Brooklyn (until Aug. 13th)
Credit: @rerevues

Movie: Corduroy (code name for “She Said”)
Location: The NYTimes Building, New York 

TV Series: White House Plumbers
Location: Verizon Building, Orangeburg

TV Series: Blue’s Clues & You
Location: 52nd St. and 10th Ave., New York
Credit: @MattDusenberry

Movie: A Thousand and One 
Location: W 118th St. and Frederick Douglas Blvd., New York (until Aug. 13th)
Credit: @NealBinNYC

Filming in North Carolina

Movie: Florida Man
Location: CFCC, 502 N. Front St., Wilmington

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