Wednesday, August 25 Filming Locations

Here’s a look at various filming locations for August 25, 2021:

Filming in California

TV Series: Monster
Location: 505 S Centre St., San Pedro 

TV Series: NCIS: LA
Location: 1619 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles

TV Series: Modern Love
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles

TV Series: 9-1-1
Location: 2500 Signal St., San Pedro (until Aug. 26th)

Project: Speedwell
Location: 516 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles (until Aug. 28th)

Movie: Girls Night
Location: 458 S Mansfield Ave., Los Angeles (until Aug. 27th)

Movie: House Party
Location: 615 S Broadway, Los Angeles (until Aug. 26th)

Project: Wild Chickens
Location: 929 S Broadway, Los Angeles (until Aug. 25th)

Filming in Illinois

Project: Surina & Mel Light Up! 
Location: 2400 N Elston Ave., Chicago

TV Series: Chicago PD 
Location: 2601 W. Ogden Ave.; 2141 S. Jefferson St., Chicago

TV Series: 61st St
Location: 6323 S. Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago (until Aug. 27th)

Filming in New York

TV Series: Caviar (code name for “WeCrashed”)
Location: 6th Ave. and 53rd St., New York
Credit: @dannygonz16

Movie: Corduroy (code name for “She Said”)
Location: 44th St. and 8th Ave., New York
Credit: @JourneyofPayal

Movie: Players 
Location: N 4th St. and Bedford Ave., Brooklyn (until Aug. 26th)
Credit: @MickmickNYC

TV Series: Billions 
Location: 57th St. and Park Ave., New York
Credit: @eanubis89

Movie: Past Lives 
Location: 51st St. and 6th Ave., New York
Credit: @KerriBax67

TV Series: And Just Like That
Location: St. John’s University, New York

Filming in North Carolina

Project: Sloaney & Raven
Location: 1615 Chestnut St., Wilmington (until Aug. 26th)

TV Series: Florida Man
Location: 525 Tanbridge Road, Wilmington (until Aug. 26th)

TV Series: Our Kind of People
Location: Quanto Basta, 107 N. 2nd St., Wilmington

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